With a satirical approach to the 50’s housewife and Asian identity, The Hustler's Cookbook is a place of empowerment.

Cooking in just a rice cooker?? Questionable. But we’re beating odds and showing you what can be done. Womxn are no longer seen as just house ornaments. We do it all.
The rice cooker is a common appliance in many Asian households. For HCB it holds representation of sharing the Asian values, traditions and flavours with society - but most importantly, being proud of it.  
Visually -  the vintage aesthetic is aimed to address North America's long history of racism and unjust acts towards immigrants and BIPOC. We want to reflect this time/era when marginalized groups didn't have the same resources as we do today, to voice these issues. We're here to embrace the culture and traditions that were stripped away by oppressors, and we want to do it through food.
The Hustler’s Cookbook is for everyone. And we truly believe cooking creates confidence. We’re here to show you the possibilities of feeding yourself right, all while going about your daily duties. This is your rice cooker recipe for the everyday hustler.



Trae is the proud daughter of a Vietnam refugee. As a freelancer in the world of media production, she believes in inputting the values and traditions of her culture into her work, and hopes to shine light on the stories of marginalized communities. She knows that this art form has the power to make people laugh, smile and cry. It has the power to heal; and her work is committed to doing so.